My world in 2023

A summary of the major events

Graduation: Class of 2023

The 2023 year ended on a high note for me as I have completed grad school with my Master degree in Computer Science. Before I start freaking out about job interviews, and my 6-figure student loan, it would be a great time to reminisce about the major events that have shaped the past year.

Facing deportation?

Early in January 2023, I was panicking about the registration deadline at the University of Louisville. The automated system was not allowing me to register for my classes due to the unpaid tuition balance from the previous Fall semester. Past the registration deadline, I would miss the semester, which would have several implications for my immigration status and student visa. It was a worrisome situation which was remedied at the last minute. I started classes a week late

Summer of Uncertainty

I got a 3.5 gpa during the Spring 2023 semester and was ready for my final semester. The remaining tuition balance from the Spring semester now remains to be paid. This time, there was no big check to provide to the bursar. I spent the summer trying several solutions. My income from the part time internship under the CPT was sufficient to make a small dent on the balance. I have considered selling my vehicle, but the offers were too low. The final solution came from the graduate school as they found some scholarship funds which they applied towards the tuition balance to allow me to register for my final semester. I feel fortunate about this outcome and will be empowered to pay it forward some day.

Graduated, now what?

Getting my master was the hardest thing I have ever done. There was a time that felt like everything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong. But I have persevered until I completed what I have started. I feel like if I can get through that, then I can get through anything! I am ready to go to many job interviews, until I land my first tech role. Bring it on!